• Flood Clean UpPeace Country Restoration specializes in clean up operations after any calamity such as fires, flood or vandalism.
  • Damage AssessmentExperienced damage assessments done prior to any work taking place. Without an accurate picture of what might be out of sight, cost overruns can be exepcted.
  • Eradication and EliminationPeace Country Restoration will work to eradicate or complete remove biological or other chemical hazards when conducting a hazardous materials removal project. Applying biocide is just a small part in the job.
  • Mould Eradication and Remediation
  • Hazardous Materials Removal
  • Fire Clean Up and RestorationPeace Country restoration is experienced in dealing with the aftermath of a fire and has help many homeowners restore their homes.
  • Asbestos RemovalPeace Country Restoration is experienced in asbestos removal and rediation. Peace Country Restoration is equipped and certified to assist building and homeowners in asbestos removal.
Flood Clean Up1 Damage Assessment2 Eradication and Elimination3 Mould Eradication and Remediation4 Hazardous Materials Removal5 Fire Clean Up and Restoration6 Asbestos Removal7

Peace Country Restoration Provides a Wide Variety of Services

Peace Country Restoration is the Peace Region's foremost fire, flood and disaster clean-up specialist, along with providing many other services to the company’s clients. It is the mandate of Peace Country Restoration to provide each customer with access to a full-service package and to help the client recover from whatever calamity has occurred.

When disaster strikes your home or business, regardless of the size of the job or the amount of damage, Peace Country Restoration will provide you with:

Examples of some Peace Country Restoration projects can be viewed here.


Providing restoration services to the Peace River area for 30 years


Peace Country Restoration is the Peace River Region's foremost fire, flood and disaster cleanup specialist. When an unfortunate series of events befalls you, the last thing you want is to assume the role of a general contractor. Peace Country Restoration provides a variety of necessary services and they are expanding their portfolio every day. Please click on the links above to expand the fields and read a bit of what Peace Country Restoration can offer.



Peace Country Resotartion encourages you to have a look at their portfolio gallery and see some examples of what they can offer. To view the gallery click here.